Renting Tents, Tables & Chairs

We rent tents ranging in a large variety of sizes. Whether your event is big or small, we’ve got the tent to keep you and your guests covered!

Check out our pricing below to see which tent fits your needs. You’ll be able to select which tent you would like to rent using our Rental Contract form. If you are interested in renting more than just tents, check out our Party Packages section.

*Adding side panels to the tents does involve an additional fee*

  • 10×10 $195 Per Day
  • 10×20 $245 Per Day
  • 20×20 $320 Per Day
  • 20×30 $400 Per Day
  • 20×40 $500 Per Day
  • 20×50 $525 Per Day
  • 20×60 $675 Per Day
  • 20×70 $825 Per Day
  • 20×80 $975 Per Day
  • 20×90 $1125 Per Day
  • 20×100 $1275 Per Day
  • 20×110 $1425 Per Day
  • 20×120 $1575 Per Day

Use the gallery below to get an idea of what each of the sizes could look like.

If you have questions about how we can help you, please feel free to Contact Us. We are always willing to answer questions and help come up with a solution for your event.