Party Packages

Renting Tents, Tables & Chairs

We know that sometimes you need a little bit of everything at your event, so we put together some awesome Party Packages that include tents, tables, and chairs.

Check out our pricing below to see which Party Package fits your needs. You’ll be able to select which tent you would like to rent using our Rental Contract form. Use these links if you are interested in renting just tents, tables, or chairs.

What’s included (Example):

If you were to choose a 20×30 package, your rental would include:

6 round tables (8 chairs per table), plus 1 long table + lights inside tent

Rule of Thumb:
2 tables for every 10 foot section of tent and each table gets 8 chairs.

*Adding side panels to the tents does involve an additional fee*

  • 10×10 Package $250 Per Day
  • 10×20 Package $320 Per Day
  • 20×20 Package $475 Per Day
  • 20×30 Package $575 Per Day
  • 20×40 Package $775 Per Day
  • 20×50 Package $875 Per Day
  • 20×60 Package $975 Per Day
  • 20×70 Package $1075 Per Day
  • 20×80 Package $1175 Per Day
  • 20×90 Package $1325 Per Day
  • 20×100 Package $1475 Per Day
  • 20×110 Package $1625 Per Day
  • 20×120 Package $1775 Per Day

***Alterations can be made upon request if inventory allows***

Take a look at the gallery below and see how you can utilize our tents, tables, and chairs for your next event!

If you have questions about how we can help you, please feel free to Contact Us. We are always willing to answer questions and help come up with a solution for your event.