Party Accessories

You may not know this, but we also offer a few accessories to go along with our tents, tables, and chairs. To some they are necessities, to others, they are nice additions.

Our Most Popular Tent Accessories are:

  • Lights for inside the tents
  • Table Cloths for our 8′ Long Banquet Tables and our 60″ Round Tables
  • Side Walls for our Tents

Below we will provide some example pictures and descriptions for each accessory.

Lights for Inside the Tents

We string our lights along the inner flaps of the tents once the tent is upright. There has to be a source for electricity for the lights to function. If you would like to add lights, it will be $50 per 50ft string of LED Lights. (Ex: 2 strings will cover a 20×30 Tent)*

Table Cloths

We currently have table cloths for our 8′ Banquet tables and 109″ Round Table Cloths. We currently only have White Table Cloths available to rent. Our Table cloths are rented for $10 each.

Side Walls for Tents

We rent our side wall attachments for $75 each. Each side wall is 7 feet tall and can span up to 30 feet.